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What is shot blasting?

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Blasting cleaning uses grit, beads or sand in order to clean wall surfaces, metal parts and machinery. Blast cleaning can remove built up fungi, rust and chemicals that, if left, can damage the surface, appear unsightly, and present health and safety issues.


Shot blasting equipment uses a variety of materials to clear away surface debris. Harsher materials, like glass beads, sand or grit are better for removing undesirable surface contaminants quicker, on stronger materials. For weaker materials, such as soft or thin metals, hydro-blasting might be more appropriate for cleaning away built up grime. Very fragile materials, such as paint work, can be cleaned using air pressure blasters, which will remove build up, with less chance of damage to the surface beneath.


Dust extraction and cleaning up after blasting is also an essential to preventing shot blasting from becoming hazardous, and the safe disposal of material is essential for any and all dangerous substances, such as moulds, fine grit and asbestos. We offer to install this equipment alongside shot blasters, so that our equipment can be safely used in a commercial environment.


We design, manufacture and install shot blasting equipment for the UK and international market. Contact us to discuss any queries you may have, for quotes, further information on specific products, and to see what type of blasting machine will suit your needs.

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