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What industries use shot blasting?

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Shot blasting is a simple way of cleaning equipment free from rust or grime, which is why we are very popular with the rail industry. We have provided our shot blasting equipment to Network Rail, Bombardier, Alstom and EWS: all renowned rail companies who use our equipment for train and track maintenance.


Other industries use shot blasting equipment, however. The aerospace and avian industries alike use shot blasting in a similar way to the rail industry – for cleaning, maintenance and upkeep.


It is possible to restore all kinds of motors via shot blasting. Individual components of a motor can be shot blasted in preparation for powder coating, repair or as part of their maintenance. Manual shot blasting can be used on vintage car parts to help clear rust or paint for renovation, or on modern motors for maintenance and repair where rest has built up.


Shot blasting is typically considered something used on metal surfaces, however, stone masons can use shot blasting for carving intricate designs on memorial pieces. This is a much faster and more effective method than chiseling, simply reducing the stone to a fine sand as opposed to chipping it out.


Shot blasting has a wide array of uses in many varied industries. We sell a wide range of shot blasting machines and equipment for many uses, for many industries. Find out more about what shot blasting can do for your workshop.

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