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What are shot blasting ‘rooms’?

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Sand blasting is an undeniably messy process, with the debris and blasted material likely to spread, posing health risks for workers and safety issues in work spaces. Containing the shot blasting within a specially designed steel room allows for more efficient blasting, especially if the component being blasted is bulky and large.

When it comes to maintaining train parts, such as removing rust from undercarriage frames. a shot blast room may be more appropriate than a stand alone sand blaster. Shot blast rooms are ideal for large parts and can be specially fitted to suit the size of your product.

Shot blast rooms only require one worker, in full protective clothing, and allows for a more thorough blasting. Shot blast rooms can be fitted with ‘vacuum recover’, recycling the blasting material and simultaneously clearing the unit.

The blasting material can range from silica sand, metal beading or plastic pellets. Water blasting may not be appropriate in such rooms due to the likelihood of flooding and leaking, and pressured air blasting is not appropriate either.

Shot blast rooms are similar to hand blast cabinets in that they are fully self contained and include their own recovery and recycle systems, but blast rooms are suitable for larger objects and require an entire worker to enter the facility.

All shot blast rooms have an air vent which allows fresh air in, but does not allow the blasting material out. They can also be fitted with an optional interlock for additional safety. Read more about our blast rooms and recovery systems.

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