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Renovating old cars: shot blasting

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Vintage car fairs and retro car shows have been massively popular for decades now. Often the cars are renovated from true rust buckets and given new life via shot blasting, and are well maintained to avoid rust building up in the underbelly or on the main body again.

The effect of dry bead shot blasting is high quality rust removal. This technique uses either micro-beads or sand fired at high speed to remove the most superficial layer. It does not use water or acid, which can damage or stain the most fragile metal parts in the long term, and be corrosive to main body parts. The stripped metal is the perfect base for recreating vintage vehicles that look and drive as good as new.

The benefit of sand or bead blasting in these circumstances is that it is strong enough to remove rust layers, but gentle enough while done manually to not damage the metal underneath. Manual shot blasting is incredibly accurate, and a fast process for mass production or commercial use.

We provide high quality shot blasting equipment to a multitude of specialist garages, including Jaguar-Landrover and Rolls Royce. We can provide for rennovation garages and projects, and car repair mechanics for rust removal from internal car parts and external surfaces.

We install all equipment and provide instruction to all of our clients, to ensure that you can remove rust to a top quality standard in total safety.

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