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Dust extraction is a health and safety essential

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There is no getting around health and safety regulations in the work place. Shot blasting, water abrasion, sand blasting and all other kinds of micro abrasion carry a significant risk on inhalation for workers. Accidentally breathing in shot blast materials is the number one safety concern, and even masks and suits might not cut it.

A dust extraction plant will safely and quickly remove all particles from a shot blasting unit. The units store them conveniently, ready for disposal. Installing one of these machines ensures that both the abrasive material and the debris is fully removed.

Attached to the outside of a blasting room, these vacuum machines can shift tonnes of material in minutes. Keeping the blasting area clear is essential for an efficient removal of rust, dust and grime. More built up particles in a room, the less effective the shot blasting will be.

You can see the blue prints and basic design of these dust extraction plants on our dust extraction plant page. Photographs on this page show how the plants are attached to the sides of shot blasting rooms, clearing the air of debris and making sure there is no build up dust particles. As seen, the machines can pump debris and waste directly into a holding unit for safe disposal.

We fit shot blasting equipment nationwide, and are able to help design and implement a fully functioning shot blasting station. This includes all of the shot blasting equipment, area and dust extraction facilities, complying with health and safety specs and industry standards.

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